Game Developer Intern

At Panteon, we are looking for innovative Game Developers Interns who will improve themselves every day and spread their positive energy around.

What Do We Expect?

  • Being enthusiastic about HyperCasual and Casual game development,
  • Contributing fully to the creative process,
  • High energy, motivation and a strong sense of ownership,
  • Ability to work as a great team player,
  • Ability to work quickly and efficiently,
  • At least 1 year of experience with Unity 3D,
  • Command of the C# language,
  • Demonstrate a sample Unity project displaying its capabilities in code quality, software architecture and other areas, and develop the sample application to be given,
  • Experience in source code management tools such as Git/SVN,
  • Suitable for teamwork,
  • Eager to self-development
  • Willing to do an internship for at least 3-month duration
  • Willing to work full-time if deemed appropriate at the end of the internship period.

What you should expect?

  • As part of our team, you’ll be working with the arts and testing teams.
  • You will be responsible for prototyping, maintaining and improving new and unique games that will reach millions of users.
  • You will be involved in the creation and development of new hit games.
  • You will perform error-free and maintainable coding.
  • You will work hard, learn a lot and have a great time with the team.

What will you learn?

  • You will witness the entire process of a game, from finding the idea to reaching the hit list.
  • You will experience the game development process with a large team.
  • You will develop reverse engineering skills.
  • You will gain experience in optimizing game performance.
  • With the team, you will learn to share, act as a team and transfer knowledge.

What Do We Provide?

  • Minimum Wage
  • A full meal card for all your meal expenses,
  • Fun company organizations,
  • A strong team and work culture,
  • An experience of taking part in one of the most established companies in the industry.

If you want to be a part of our team or at least have a chat with us, send us your CV.

  • Seniority Student / New Graduated
  • Team Hyper Casual
  • Type of Employment Full Time
  • Location Ankara Office